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Cub Scout Pack 55
(Clinton, Connecticut)
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Camping Basics with Pack 55


  Here is a great website to develop a camping checklist based on type of camping (backpacking, regular), and season/climate:
Icon File Name Comment  
9 Ways To Start a Fire Without Matches.doc Methods of starting a fire  
Bear Proofing your Camp.pdf How to Bear Proof your camp and food  
Campfire Lays.pdf How to Build a Campfire with pictures  
Camping tripod for cooking over fire.doc How to build a Tripod from metal pipe  
chuckbox.pdf How to build a chuckbox  
chuckbox2.pdf How to build a chuckbox #2  
Deer Lake Cub Scout Directions.pptx Driving Directions to Deer Lake Camp in Killingworth  
Detailed Camping Checklist.pdf This is a Detailed Camping Checklist that you can modify for your list  
How To Build a Roaring Campfire.doc How to build a fire  
How to build a rock oven.doc How to build a rock oven  
How to Build a Soda Can Stove.doc How to build a soda can stove (not recommended for Cub Scout level)  
Reflector Oven Baking.pdf How to build a reflector oven  
Traditional Firestarting by Friction.doc Starting a fire by friction  

Local CT BSA Overnight and Day Camps

Scouts from Clinton Pack 55 have many opportunities to attend a scout day camp or overnight camp during summer break.  You do not have to be a member of that particular council, and many Clinton Scouts attend 1-2 week day camp at the Deer Lake since it is only 5-10 minutes away.  Even non-scout boys can attend, and YES they do have programs for girls.  Activities during summer time include boating, swimming lessons, free swim time, nature identification, canoeing, archery, arts/crafts, songs, and hiking.  They also have tuition assistance called "camperships" that you may be able to apply for. 

1.  Deer Lake (CT Yankee Council), Killingworth, CT
2.  Camp Sequassen (CT Yankee Council), New Hartford, CT
3.  Camp Pomperaug (CT Yankee Council), Union, CT
4.  John Sherman Hoyt Scout Reservation (CT Yankee Council), West Redding, CT
5.  Wah Wah Tay See (CT Yankee Council), North Haven, CT
6.  Camp Mattatuck (CT Rivers Council), Plymouth, CT
7.  Camp Workcoeman (CT Rivers Council), New Hartford, CT
8.  Mark Greer Scout Reservation/Camp Tadma (CT Rivers Council), Bozrah, CT
9.  Camp Barbour (CT Rivers Council), Norfolk, CT
10.  June Norcross Webster Scout Reservation (CT Rivers Council), Ashford, CT

Pack 55 Deer Lake Camping Trip April 5-7, 2013


  • No pocket knives, or items with blades like leatherman carried by scouts please, even if they have earned the Whittling Chip.  Adults may carry "pocket knives" or leatherman but sheath or large hunting knives are not allowed.  During fishing, scouts may use nail clippers or fishing pliers to cut fishing line.
  • No running or playing with smores sticks.  After smores, we will collect all sticks.
  • Use flashlights or battery lanterns inside the tent
  • Follow Deer Lake regulations
  • Follow Fishing Regulations, unless briefed otherwise by Deer Lake staff
  • You will need to park in the furthest parking lot, then using wheel barrow (they have 5), pack in your items for the last 150 yards.  If parents/relatives will be visit that require special assistance, like golf carts up to the site, we need to set up in advance.
  • At least one parent or designate adult will be with each scout and sleep in the scouts tent.  As long as others are part of the immediate family, both parents and other siblings including girls are allowed (all family members may participate).  Webelos are more advanced and have different set of rules they will follow if they chose.
  • No firearms
  • No alcohol
  • No chainsaws without permission from Ranger (our wood will already be split/dried)


1.  A week before, we will ask for leaders and parents to help set up firewood and clean up the campsite.


  • Friday night is optional, and you will have to pay a minimal fee for that night per person which goes to Deer Lake.
  • You may arrive at noon or later to set up
  • Individual parents/scouts are in charge of their meal plans that night

SATURDAY (UPDATED ON 14MAR13 with actual schedule):

  • Scouts and parents will arrive earlier than last year, around 0600-0700 to haul in gear, and check into fishing tournament registration.
  • From 0700-0800, Deer Lake will be providing a breakfast for all of our scouts (we registered all for fishing) and we also paid for 1 parent.  Additional parents can pay at the door, or eat breakfast before you come. 
  • From 0800-1100, there will be a Scout Trout Fishing contest (yes, they stock trout for us), that all visitors compete for, not just Pack 55.  We will also ensure every boy has a fishing pole before that weekend.  For boys that do not wish to participate (or their patience runs out), there will be other games & activities planned. 
  • 1100-1230, Deer Lake will be selling a hamburger/hotdog lunch for a fee probably at their Mess Hall.  The other option is you bring your own bag lunch, or bring your own food to cook at our Pack 55 campsite.  Pack 55 will not be paying for lunch, but it is up to the individual parents.
  • 1130, Deer Lake Fishing Tournament Awards ceremony for all boys
  • Roughly 1230 or when the awards ceremony is done, everyone will meet back at the Wheeler Pavillion for our safety brief.
  • 1PM, we will go on our hike to the rock formations/caves
  • 2:30PM Have afternoon activities lead by both parents and the Troop 55 Boy Scouts
  • 3:30PM Activities: (1) compass course (we have 6 compasses to loan out, so not need to purchase your own if you do not want to). (2) Making your own paracord bracelets
  • 4:30PM Free time to finish setting up tents, scouts can make lean too shelters 
  • 5-6PM  Dinner.  Pack 55 will pay for the dinner.
  • Following dinner, we transition into the Arrow of Light Ceremony (the highest award that a Cub Scout can achieve!) for the Webelos. 
  • Then the skits and songs continue until smores by the fire.  By this time, the parents are ready for bed!


  • Pack 55 will pay for a light breakfast usually including coffee (for the parents), juice and donuts
  • Families should take down camp
  • And finally..we scrub the campsite for any trash..Leave no Trace


Icon File Name Comment  
Deer Lake Camping Checklist.pdf  
Deer Lake Camping schedule.pdf  
Deer Lake Cub Scout Directions.pdf  

Camp Cooking

    Camp Cooking Recipe Sites:
    Byron's Dutch Oven Cooking
    Dutch Oven Dude
    MacScouter Cooking: dutch oven recipes, foil cooking, box oven cooking, backpack cooking
Icon File Name Comment  
How to do temperatures with your Dutch Oven.docx Controlling Dutch Oven Temperatures